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Drive ID "x" is not stamped for monitoring

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Drive ID "x" is not stamped for monitoring

Hi all,

I don't like to post these common issues, but I just can't seem to find a solution to this problem.

I have about 25 ProLiant ML370 G4 to manage, most of them have Smart Array 641 controllers, some have 6402 with BBWC.

I'm a firmware minded guy, so all of the systems run the latest firmware from the 7.80 firmware CD (which is 2.76 B for the Smart 64xx controller at the moment). They all have the latest drivers and ACU version (7.80.xx) or 7.60.xx for 2000.

All servers have different harddrives. Most of them have 72GB 10k SCSI (BD07288277), some have Fujitsu MAW3073NP, and some have 147GB disk (HP or non-HP). We have RAID-5 and RAID-1 set-ups.
NOTE: although they have different disks, we never use different disks in one array.(*)

For some reason, when the disk is non-HP, OR, when a new HP disk is added to the array, the diagnostics utility displays the error message:

"SCSI Port [x] Drive ID [y] is not stamped for monitoring"

This even happens with RAID-1 bases arrays, where both of the drives are identical drives from HP. (and never changed anything in the array).

The standard workaround never seem to work:
Open ACU, change priority from Low to High, close ACU, Open ACU and change priority back to Low.
Disable and enable the array accelerator has no effect.
Some documents say that changing the accelerator size should get the job done, but I can only enable/disable the accelerator. I cannot change the size:

I have read something about a M&P patch, but is this still needed with the latest version of the ACU and firmware? Most posts I read about this patch never seem to fix the problem.

I've seen many posts about this problem, and none of them have a good solution. The standard workarounds don't seem to work in any case, with any controller, with any disk.

Hope I can share some usefull information with you guys. :)

(*) Yes, we have 1 exception: one server has a 641 controller with 1 RAID-5 array with two HP 147GB disks and two Fujitsu 147GB disks (MAW3147NP). The two Fujitsu's are not stamped.
Mark Myerscough
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Re: Drive ID "x" is not stamped for monitoring

Is a discussion of this exact scenario. Bottom line - use the Array Configuration Utility (version 7.01) included with SmartStart version 7.00.0, all later versions have a bug that prevents recreation of the monitoring and performance tables. (Or as the article states "Later versions of the Array Configuration Utility (ACU) lost this capability following a redesign").
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: Drive ID "x" is not stamped for monitoring

Hello MpDay,

This talks about the Exact Error; & the Solution.