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Drive array - Steady blink - no boot

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Drive array - Steady blink - no boot

Hello, All -

Trying to resolve a boot issue with a Proliant DL1000 with a P410 controller.

The server stops booting at a blank screen with a flashing cursor.  It was online and fine as of Friday - was like this when I came in this morning.

All of the drives in one of the two RAID 5 arrays are blinking a steady, intermittent green on the left LED every 2-3 seconds.  The other array just has solid green lights.

When I go into the ROM based array utility, both arrays, and all of the member drives show as healthy.

Any ideas what may be going on here?

Thanks in advace for any input/ideas.


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Re: Drive array - Steady blink - no boot

Solved this not long after posting.

Turns out the additionl of an external USB drive for backups was causing the machine not to boot.  Removed it and the server boots fine again.

Figured this out after removing all of the drives in one array and noticing that then OTHER array then exhibited the steady blink behavior.  So at that point, I thought it must not be the drives after all, but something else.

Hopefully this may help someone who runs into the same issue.

Jimmy Vance
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Re: Drive array - Steady blink - no boot

Sounds like there was some type of boot signature on the USB device.  To stop this from happening in the future, go into  RSBU and change the default boot order to have the hard drive listed first

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