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Drive cages, BIOS etc

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Drive cages, BIOS etc

I have recently purchased a PrLiant 3000. Dual PII-333, etc... The system does not have any drive or cages for that matter...
Does anyone know where I can get a cage(s) for this system? I am not too concerned with high volume storage and just want to get it up and running for now.
Is there any way to get into the system BIOS?
Can I boot the system off another drive hooked up to the system board's SCSI interface and not use the RAID for now?

Any info will be greatly appreciated...
Ron Amos
Valued Contributor

Re: Drive cages, BIOS etc

Re Drive Cages, BIOS etc,
You can purchase from Compaq Direct (800) 848-4589 CST 8-5pm: Simplex/Duplex Wide Drive Cage, Supports Wide Ultra SCSI-3 Drives 328696-001
An example of a Hard drive 18.2-GB Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 10,000 rpm Drive (1.6") 336358-B21
Regarding System BIOS -- Install your Operating System with Smart Start which creats a System Partition (BIOS) available at (800) 573-1099
Yes you can install another Fixed Hard Drive connected to Imbedded SCSI mounted under CD-ROM
Hope this helps
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