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Drive configuration issues Proliant DL380 G6

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Drive configuration issues Proliant DL380 G6



I have a Proliant DL380 G6. The RAID array is a P410I. This server was configured right, but the department who owned it wanted it reloaded with Windows 2008 R2 ENT. So one of our guys grabbed the server, did a wipe, and started a reload. The issue appears to be setting up the array. All drive bays are populated with 500 GB MDL SATA drives. The ORCA utility, or even the 64X version of Smart Start will create the array. But when we go into Windows during the installation, it will only parition out the OS drive and not let us touch the remainin space. I took some screen shots for you to view. We have a project where we store video from cameras and need as much space available as possible. It appeared to work before we reloaded it which is strange. So basically what I'm saying, is the ORCA or Smart Start utility will give us the space, but Windows wont partition it right, or will let us use all the allocated space. Any ideas?

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Re: Drive configuration issues Proliant DL380 G6



I think you will only be able to format the remaining disk space once windows is installed, as any partition over 2TB will have to be a GPT partition & possibly setup is trying to set your 5TB partition as MBR which will fail.


I'd reccomend re-creating your array as a logical drive of 2TB for the o/s & another logical drive  of 5TB for your data, then windows setup will see both logical drives as different physical drives allowing the o/s partition to be MBR and the 5TB to be GPT.


Hope this helps.