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Drive expansion succeeded Windows directory size shows unchanged

Robert Pereira
Occasional Contributor

Drive expansion succeeded Windows directory size shows unchanged

We have 2 Proliant servers in a Cluster configuration attached to an MSA1000, We swapped all the 72 gig drives with 145 gig drives on at a time and let them rebuild, next we did an expansion and then made the changes in the Windows OS.
This process was done on sets of drives.
Both look successful in ACU, Diskpart, and the disk administrator Grapical discription of the drive, however doing a directory of the drive in dos, or in windows shows the orrriginal 67 gigs of space.

Has anyone seen this and is there a fix?
Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Drive expansion succeeded Windows directory size shows unchanged


Are you running Windows 2000? If so, which service pack are you at?

There is a known issue with diskpart pre Windows 2000 SP4. There is a hotfix available to prevent the issue from happening, but you need to call Microsoft to get a walkthorugh on how to fix the actual disk that has the issue already. There are a few threads on the subject. I will post links as I run across them again.

I believe the same can happen if you don't use the correct version of diskpart.exe on your Windows Box. There are 3 different versions. 1 for XP, 1 for 2000 and 1 for 2003. i believe I read somewhere that using the 2003 version on 2000 can cause the same or similar issue. (or perhaps the 2000 version on Windows 2003, something like that).

Steven Clementi
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