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Drive not rebuilding

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Drive not rebuilding



I have a Proliant DL380 G4 server here that had a failed Hard drive.  I purchased a hard drive and replaced it and it started to rebuild and the disk cylinder light would flash meaning that it is rebuilding.  After a while the disk cylinder light is not lit anymore at all and only the flashing arrow is lit.  The Array just continues to sit at Ready to Rebuild now.  If I reboot the server it tries to rebuild the drive again but does the same thing. 


Does anyone know what could be causing this drive not to be rebuilt? 




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Re: Drive not rebuilding

Did you order the harddrive from HP? Could be a bad hard drive - that sucks.

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Re: Drive not rebuilding

No, I did not order the drive from HP.  I also just yesterday took a Hard Drive from our Old HP SAN, which I know all the drives came from HP, and put that in and it did the same thing.  Started to rebuild and then stop. 

The array controller is Smart Array 6i, firmware version 2.84.  The firmware of the drives are HPBC, HPB1, and HPB9.  I did update the firmware with the DVD but that was before I put this latest drive in. 
Thanks for any thoughts.

Re: Drive not rebuilding

Hi There,


Rebuilding in Smart Array Controllers is an automated process and there is no way we can start the manual rebuild.


Possible causes:

  • incompatible hard drive firmware
  • Non HP Hard Drive
  • Hard Drive is not of the same capacity.
  • Logical drive issue
  • Smart array controller issue
  • Issue with other drives from where its trying to rebuild the drive using parity.
  • SCSI ID change.



  1. Since you are able to boot to operating system on a degarded array system, suggest you to take the complete back-up.
  2. Make sure we are followiing the Hard Drive guidelines.
  3. Hard drive that you are replacing is of the same capacity and technical specification.
  4. Make sure you have latest Smart array controller firmware.
  5. If it is SCSI Hard drive then open the Array Configuration Utility and then findout the SCSI ID it's looking to rebuild. on a hotplug backplane SCSI IDs are fixed based on the hard drive bay numbers. you have just 6 IDs (0-5) availble on hard drive backplane... So if it is looking for scsi id which is within the SCSI ID range available, place the hard drive in that specirfic bay to see whether it initiate the rebuild process.
  6. If everything seems to be OK then power cycle the server, reseat all the hard drive offline Power it up again and see whether it initiate the rebuild process.
  7. Try another hard drive if above steps do not help or applicable.
  8. If nothing works, recreate array and restore the backup as a last resort.

For more information on Hard drive troubleshooting, please refer to Guided Troubleshooting at


Hope this helps,








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