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Drive replacement DL380 G3/Smart Array 5i

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Drive replacement DL380 G3/Smart Array 5i

Not even sure where to look for this so thought y'all could help me out...I have two DL 380 G3 servers, each with 2 - 33.91 GB drives in a mirror set. One of the servers I took out of service since it is no longer required. The other had a hard drive physically fail.
I would like to rebuild the mirror set on the server I need to keep running and would like to take one of the drives from the server no longer in use.
Do I need to erase/format the drive I would like to put in the server with the bad drive? Or could I just take the drive from the server not in use and just put it in the server I need to keep running?

I know that is confusing but any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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Re: Drive replacement DL380 G3/Smart Array 5i

IMHO I would wipe the spare before using it in the mirror.

In theory, it shouldn't matter, but it depends upon the environment in use (Hot-plug vs non hot-plug, etc...). If you're using ACU and everything (firmware, drivers and utilities) is up to date, then most Smart Array controllers can weed out the good meta-data from the bad.

But I wouldn't chance it. If you have a spare open slot install the would-be spare and initialize it. Then swap out the faulty disk with the spare.

Some resources:

Self-Repair Videos: