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Driver games played here

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Driver games played here

I have successfully installed Windows Server 2012 Essentials RC on a ML350 G5, my test server.   It is missing 2 drivers after installation; 1) the IPMI Interface 2) Base System Device.   I don't really care about these because I just want to install WS 2012 Std OS now.  This would be the RTM version of WS 2012 Std too by the way.  It won't install..  The SA E200i driver for Essentials RC is version Build 1 Media Driver (x86-64) provided by HP.  


The problem I'm having  with installing Windows Server 2012 Standard is the Smart Array E200i Controller Driver.  Can't find one from HP.   Microsoft doesn't provide it either.   This driver stops you dead in your tracks.   I tried the Support Pack released drivers but it is the same as the current HP driver online.    None work even though the Windows Server 2008 x64 driver detects the controller just fine even says it is compatible but won't install.  I don't remember the exact error message now.  If anyone cares I can provide it later.


I searched the forum for other sucessfull installations of 2012 OS's on a G5 or G6 server.  I haven't found any and I see HP says it can't be done.   Come on...     A G5 or rather a G6 server isn't that darn old to be made obsolete like this.


Does anyone have an SA E200i  x64 driver for a G5 server in my case, or a G6 driver link for download?   Thanks for letting me rant.


It just seems to be a game with manufacturers and updated drivers. The driver software can be rendered useless with just a simple coded line inserted. Not sure if it is the OS or the hardware manufacturer or both causing all this.   You would have a hard time convincing me that games are not being played.