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Drives could not be authenticated as genuine hp drives

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Drives could not be authenticated as genuine hp drives


I've been in the process of updating the firmware and drivers for a number of ProLiant servers that we're running ESXi 6.0.0 U3 on and I'm running into a bit of a frustrating problem that I haven't found a solution to anywhere on the net. After I use the HP SPP (Specifically the 2017.04.0 version, the last to support the G8 series) to update these servers and apply the appropriate VMware drivers through the vCenter update manager I'm receiving the following error during POST:

One or more attached drives could not be authenticated as a genuine HP drive. Smart Array will not control the LEDs to these drives.


The drives in question are Samsung 840 Pro 256GB 2.5" SSDs installed using genuine HP drive sleds. I have a SmartArray P420i in these machines as well.


Prior to these updates these drives were having no issues with the SmartArray and the green LED indicator on the HDD symbol was lighting up just fine. Now the LED indicator on the drive sled is dark and only the occasional write indicator flashes on the outer ring of lights. There is also an amber light flashing on the power indicator, which I can only assume is being caused by this issue, since all of the hardware has checked out clean.


Has anyone else had this issue, has anyone managed to solve it? I'm very hesitant to continue updating the rest of the hosts because this has happened on each one that I've updated so far and it's quite annoying. Thanks for any help offered.