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Dual Boot SUSE 2K3 on raid 0

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Dual Boot SUSE 2K3 on raid 0


Im trying to set up a dual boot on server (HP DL320 G5p SAS/SATA server with 2 250GB SCSI drives) with SUSE Linux 10SP2 (32 bit) and Windows 2k3. It has a raid 0 configured and the raid controller is of Adaptec.
On the raid windows 2k3 is installed and now we need to install SUSE ES 10SP2 with dual boot.

I tried to install SUSE anyway and got the following error message...

Warning: This system has at least 1 hard drive with a RAID configuration presented by the BIOS as RAID that is infact a software RAID. The following disks were detected as part of such a RAID:

/dev/sda /dev/sdb

The Linux kernel 2.4 supported some of these systems but the Linux kernel 2.6 does not support them at all.

If you install onto these disks your RAID configuration and any data on the RAID will be lost.

How can I setup dual boot?

Thanks for the help it is really appreciated.