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Dual Core broke Bug Also?

ron mckelvey
Occasional Visitor

Dual Core broke Bug Also?

I;ve got a DL385, dual core, running VMware ESX. It runs great, except I found an interesting problem. If I md5sum the same file, over and over again, I get a different md5 value.

I've copied the files around the drive, didn't make any difference. The same files, on another host, no issue. The BIOS and such are up to date.

This sounds like the single core bug, a tight loop, doing intensive floating point. I was able to isolate it originally, to prove to myself I wasn't going crazy. It one one byte changing in the middle of a 18gig file.

I was going to pretend this problem didn't exist, because I could not even imagine explaing it to HP support. But now with this AMD bug out, I think my dual cores are affected.