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Dual boot


Dual boot

I have a ML370 with a 5312 controller with 4 36GB disks. What I want to achieve is a dual boot of NT4 Server, with the first install sitting on a 2GB partition and the 2nd sitting on an 8GB partition. Can anyone give me any pointers or advice on how to accomplish this?
Terry Hutchings
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Re: Dual boot

This should work the same way as if you just had one drive physically installed.

Create your array, boot off of the NT4 cd, press F6 to specify the driver for the 5312, then do the install of the OS (make sure to specify the nic driver or the machine may give you a BSOD during the install). Once NT4 is installed, then install the second OS (I'd recommend updating to SP6 on NT4 before doing a second install - especially for either Windows 2000 or 2003).
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Re: Dual boot

Configure both disks parts through ACU F8.

Install the oldest OS first. Probably in your case it will be NT.

Install the newest one the latest. (For ex NT, Win2K, Win2K3)

You can use for the first installation the smartstart CD's. (If they are available for nt.You need to a 5.x or a 6x smartstart version.

For the 2nd installation you need to do a manual installation using a raid driver disk.
(You cannot to a smart start without loosing al it previous installations.)

good luck.

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