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Dual logical drive failure

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Dual logical drive failure

Hi everyone, I have a DL380P G8 with a D2600 HD array, with two logical drives (one RAID 10 8x4TB, one RAID 0 4x600GB). Earlier this week, something apparently happened while I was out of town and HP SSA is reporting that *both* logical drives failed simultaneously, and all data on both is reported as lost. This is decidedly not good news since the primary purpose of the 8-drive RAID 10 was to be a backup for the system. I'm kind of at a loss to understand how this could have happened - there are no physical failures on any drives, with one drive reporting a predicted failure that I have a replacement for. I'm wondering if you all might have any thoughts as to what could have happened, and what, if any, steps I can, or should, take at this point before talking to data recovery folks, since I could afford to lose the RAID0 array as it was backed up regularly, but I cannot really afford to lose the backup simultaneously. Thanks for any suggestions.


Re: Dual logical drive failure

Hello jemather,

Thank you for sharing your concern.

Since this involves Data, please make sure you have Valid Data backup of your affected enclosure.

We would suggest trying following steps to check if you can recover the affected logical volume.

  1. Check LED status of the Disk enclosure to see any Fault LEDs on Disk enclosure.
  2. If there are any Fault LEDS, then please log a support ticket with HPE technical Team to assist you further.
  3. If there are no Fault LEDs, then please try following steps
    1. Power down the server/Host machine or machines connected to the disk enclosure gracefully.
    2. Then once host is completely Off, then power down the disk enclosure gracefully.
    3. Once done, then reseat the IO modules and the cables between the server and the Disk enclosure
    4. Then power on the Disk enclosure first and wait for the Disk enclosure to initialize
    5. Once it ready, then power on the Host.
    6. Check the HBA card on the host for any fault LEDs
    7. If yes, then please log a support ticket with HPE technical Team to assist you further.
    8. If no, then once the Host powers on, during the POST process, you may get message that logical volume is disables
    9. If yes, then please access the HPE SSA using Intelligent Provisioning by press pressing F10 during POST process
    10. Then select the logical volume if detected and check in right pane if there is an option to “enable” the Drive
    11. Then please go ahead and Enable the Drive
    12. Once the Drive is enabled, then check if you can access the Data, if yes, please take an immediate Data Backup if not taken.

Or you can log a support ticket with HPE Technical team so that we can check the logs and confirm the action plan to resolve this issue.

I am an HPE employee

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