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Duplicating 2 drive Mirror to 2 new drives

David Roitman
Occasional Visitor

Duplicating 2 drive Mirror to 2 new drives

Is there any way using the Compaq/HP Array configuration utility to duplicate a RAID 0+1 2 drive mirror to a set of 2 replacement drives?

I have been experimenting but was only able to duplicate the Logical drive with no data, and am now testing Windows 2000 dynamic drive mirroring as an alternative.

I'm just trying to acheive a quick way of cascading hard disk drives through servers without ghosting and lengthy restores!

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Duplicating 2 drive Mirror to 2 new drives

the SmartArray controllers DO NOT support cloning. Some people did report some luck when they worked with simple configurations.

If you pull one or more disks from one controller and stick them into another system you are trying to use the 'drive roaming' feature. The problem is that the controller does not support roaming with reduced disk arrays.

You might get lucky, but you also might waste your time and corrupt your data.
Michael Williams_6
Trusted Contributor

Re: Duplicating 2 drive Mirror to 2 new drives

While I agree with Uwe, in that HP don't support it, it *IS* possible, if you have the right conditions.

Assume you have a server with 4 disks in ID's 0-3. You have the OS installed in a mirror on ID's 0 and 1, and you have a data disk on ID's 2 and 3.

We use the mirror to build a new OS based upon one server and just rename them in the new system. It's quite easy to do. On the built server, power it off and remove Disk ID 0. Insert this disk into ID 0 on the new server. It will complain that the mirror is broken and that the disks in ID 2 and 3 are missing, but it will still boot!

You only need to insert the other three disks later and the mirror will re-build itself, thus duplicating your server at relative ease.

If your template server has a mirror for the data disks, you can take one of those disks out and put them in the clone server in exactly the same ID slot and it'll re-build itself when you insert another disk.

Conversely, on the template server, insert a new empty disk and power it on and it'll re-build. If you have data already on the disk, only insert it when it's powered on and the controller cards have done their business.

Here's the guidelines:

1. Only take disks out of systems when the power is off. HP only let you take disks out three times before your disks warantee is invalid
2. I've never tried this with RAID 5 disks!
3. For a disk you take out, ensure that you put it in exactly the same ID on the other server or it won't work.
4. If you make a mistake on the cloned server, don't worry, just put another disk back into the template server, let the mirror rebuild and try again!
David Roitman
Occasional Visitor

Re: Duplicating 2 drive Mirror to 2 new drives


Well I tried the dynamic disk software mirror method which almost worked as long the mirroed system was left in drive slots 2 & 3 with 1 & 0 empty.

However, I think I understand your suggestion..

Build the server with the mirror - then take Disk 1 out and place into new server with another drive and it will complain but rebuild.. This is not exactly what I'm trying to acheive as the idea is to replace the drives in the "template" server..

However, I might just have to revert to what I have done in the past which is GHOST image the C:\ partition and backup the D:\ to tape -OR- if small enough (IE Metaframe server) GHOST both partitions to the network, replace the drives and create the array and ghost back down to the new system and presto your done!

It's a shame the Array software does not support a function I would assume to be a feature... and in regards to warranty, well in an ironic way lucky for me the only servers I'm playing with are our servers which are out of warranty.

146GB drives would be nice but they weigh in at around $1200 AU which for a 3 disk RAID array is a bit pricey... That's why I'm trying to play musical drives!!!

Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: Duplicating 2 drive Mirror to 2 new drives

Hi Guys,

Check this out. Is it some what similar ;-)

After migrating a bootable logical drive from one Compaq Smart Array Controller to another Compaq Smart Array Controller that contains a previously configured bootable or non-bootable logical drive, the system may not boot. The system only boots from the first logical drive on the primary controller. The logical drive migrated to the other server is assigned the next available logical drive number; therefore, the system will not boot. For example:
Server (A) is configured with a bootable logical drive.
Server (B) is configured with at least one logical drive.
Server (A) and Server (B) are powered down.
The bootable logical drive is moved from Server (A) to Server (B).
Server (B) is powered on.
The logical drive that was migrated from Server (A) to Server (B) is assigned the next available logical drive number. Since the bootable logical drive is no longer the first logical drive, the system will not boot.

Any Compaq server configured with any of the following Compaq Smart Array Controllers:
Compaq Smart Array 5i Controller
Compaq Smart Array 5i Plus Controller
Compaq Smart Array 221 Controller
Compaq Smart Array 431 Controller
Compaq Smart Array 532 Controller
Compaq Smart Array 3100ES Controller
Compaq Smart Array 3200 Controller
Compaq Smart Array 4200 Controller
Compaq Smart Array 4250ES Controller
Compaq Smart Array 5300 Controller
Compaq Smart Array 5302 Controller
Compaq Smart Array 5304 Controller
Compaq Smart Array 5312 Controller

If a Smart Array controller in Server (B) is configured with arrays and contains data, perform a complete backup of the system and then follow the procedure listed below: Power down Server (B).

Remove all logical drive volumes from Server (B).
Attach the bootable logical drive from Server (A) to Server (B).
Boot Server (B) to a current SmartStart for Servers CD or Smart Array 53xx Controller Support Software CD.
Launch the Compaq Array Configuration Utility.
Highlight the controller that the bootable logical drives from Server (A) are now attached to and then click on the "Settings" button.
Change the "Rebuild Priority" setting to a different setting than the current setting and then click on the "OK" button.
Save the configuration.
Return to the "Settings" menu and set the "Rebuild Priority" back to the original settings.
Save the configuration.
Reboot Server (B) and verify that the operating system boots.
Power down Server (B).
Reattach the additional logical drive volumes to Server (B).
Power on Server (B).
Nothing is impossible
David Roitman
Occasional Visitor

Re: Duplicating 2 drive Mirror to 2 new drives

Looks like I'll have to give some of these a go. But after this post, I now realise that it's our Metaframe server I think I intend on cycling drives through and we don't store much data on our citrix servers to Ghost copying them should be fine and then replacing the drives, re-creating the arrays and fire away!

All though I do want to try both methods, so while I have a DL380 server lying around spare *rolls eyes* I will play with spare hard disks.