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Dying 6L080M0 drives?


Dying 6L080M0 drives?

I recently ordered about 10 HP DL140G2's each with two 80GB Maxtor 6L080M0 SATA drives which I assume are the default drive that HP uses for this line of servers.

After about 4 weeks I have had two of the 20 drives die on me. All the drives are being used in a software RAID1 array on RHEL4.

I'm willing to write this off as just bad luck or maybe a couple drives in a bad batch.. but has anyone else out there had greater than normal issues with these drives? I am contemplating using different SATA drives in the servers if that is the case.

As these servers are all at remote locations I have not been able to physically examine the drives yet and RMA them.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Dying 6L080M0 drives?


I can't comment on SATA drives, but I've got a stack of 40GB Maxtor ATA drives next to my desk which have all died. We installed around 30 machines (not HP) all with same model drive, 6E040L0. At least half of these suffered drive failure within 12 months.