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E-Mail if HDD fails

Volker Busch
Occasional Visitor

E-Mail if HDD fails

how can i configure, that when a HDD of my RAID fails i get an emailmessage to change the hdd?
i use actual on this server (ML350 G3 with 3x36GB RAID5) the Management Agents V6.2

Volker Busch
Volker Busch
Andrei Khairetdinov
Valued Contributor

Re: E-Mail if HDD fails

I would suggest to use Insight Manager 7 which is a free tool. Have a look at a coreesponding thread from IM7 forum:

Otherwise configure Event Notifier , which should be on the system if you installed everything from SmartStart. Under Events select all related to HDD i.e. all SCSI events, Physical Drive events etc.

Hope it helps
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: E-Mail if HDD fails

Hello Volker,

if this is on Windows and you already have the agents installed, you will see a entry under:

Program Files\HP Management Agents\Event Notifier Config

(it is in another location with older agents but you should find the Event Notifier Config somewhere)

Step through the Event Notifier wizard but you'll need SMTP mail delivery functionality in your network somewhere (i.e. on a Unix,Linux server or a Exchange server if available) in order to deliver the emails.

below is an example of what is send out when a disk fails in a raid config :

The system has detected the following event:

SNMP Trap: 3036
System URL: http://servername:2301/
Date time: 02/16/2004 03:49:50 PM
Computer: servername
Source: Storage Agents
Type: Error
Category: (4)

A 'Physical Drive Status Change' trap signifies that the agent has detected a change in the status of a drive array physical drive.

IDA Physical Drive Status 'FAILED'
Error Code 0
Drive Bay # 5
Bus # 1
Controller Slot # 1
Model 'COMPAQ BD07264546 '
Serial Number '348215751077'
Firmware Revision 'B20B'

HTH, Kris