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E-mail Notification in CIM

K. Prabakaran
Occasional Contributor

E-mail Notification in CIM

How to I will configure "E-mail Notification in Compaq Insight Manager(CIM)". Whether a require any mail clients or internet connection on the server for configure the same.

Pls give a solution.
Honored Contributor

Re: E-mail Notification in CIM


You do not need any mail clients on the server end. You just need to configure the email notification with the address (dns name of your mail server).

Fairly straightforward.

Hope, it clarifies and don't forget to assign points:)

Any futher queries, reply back.


Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: E-mail Notification in CIM


Receive notification of a problem.

Devices â Tasks â Notification Tasks

The monitor bar continually refreshes to inform you of the latest critical,
major, or minor events. But if you are away from your console, you can set up
email or paging notification or set up your own notification method with an
application launch task. The application can be as simple as sounding an
audible alert on management consoles or as sophisticated as launching an
application that communicate directly to a device, for example restating a
service on a device. If you are setting up paging notification, be sure to install
your modem and specify the modem settings first under the Settings tab in
Compaq Insight Manager 7.

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