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E200 Smart Array failed drive

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E200 Smart Array failed drive

I have a proliant ML3xx(not sure exact mode)l with 3 x 250 gb hot swap sata raid 5 hard disks, the middle disk looked as if it was failed as the red light was on. I put in a brand new hp drive today but still the red light showed and ACU it was showing as failed or missing.


I noticed when I took out the disk completely there was a red light showing on the board where the drive connects to the board .


I then tried the disk in the fourth slot which is a spare slot and a green light came on the disk, so it would appear that the connector on the board is faulty and not the drive.

Does anyone know if it is possible to tell the array to use the 4th slot for the disk rather than the 2nd slot which I assume if faulty??

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Re: E200 Smart Array failed drive

I assume if you tell the controller to use the disk in slot 4 as spare it will use it as a replacement for the disk in slot 2.

Hope this helps!

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Re: E200 Smart Array failed drive

Have you tried putting the original disk into slot 4?

When the server is rebooted, the array controller should notice that disk positions have changed and automatically sort it out for you.

If the array comes up ok (or the disk in slot 4 starts rebuilding) then you'll know that its slot 3 on the drive cage backplane that is faulty.




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