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E200i Array not rebuilding

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E200i Array not rebuilding

Hi, I have ML350G5 Server which has 500GB x 4 hdd with RAID 1+0 for the first two and another raid 1+0 for rest two drives.

Out of four hdd 1 hard drive replaced of bay 1 and it was properly rebuild. Now the the HDD of Bay 4 failed which  I have replaced twice still it is not rebuilding. Showing error drive failed and replace the drive.


ACU and ADU logs attached here.



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Re: E200i Array not rebuilding

Here's what I see in the ADU report:

Smart Array E200i in Embedded Slot : Physical Drive (0 MB SATA) 1I:1:4  The physical drive has failed. Smart Array E200i in Embedded Slot :

Logical Drive 2 Logical drive state: The current array controller has a bad or missing drive. This logical drive is operating in interim recovery mode with reduced performance and a further physical drive failure may result in data loss depending on the fault tolerance.


Drive 4 seem to be failed.

Du you have possibility, to test the drive in another server, or just another bay?


Either you got a failed spare drive, or you got a problem with the Drive Cage, RAID controller or cables.




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