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E200i High Command Latency?


E200i High Command Latency?

Hi all,

I am using two HP ML350 G5 with the build-in 128MB BBWC E200i RAID....

Plus 5 SATA 250GB Hot-Pluggable HDD of RAID 10 with Windows Server 2003 R2 64bit WITH DFS NameSpace and DFS-R ....

I am using this server just half of year.

And main make it as a File Server with a 60 person SME in Hong Kong.

I am using the Management Software, and see the
Command Latency Time is look like to high on sometime.

For example, on general usage, it will like that

Command Latency: 511 /100000 sec

But sometime, it will up to
Command Latency: 3500 /100000 sec

And can feeling the server starting to slowly...

The RAID's CPU the max. record is within 5-10%, general is 1-3% only ...

I am wonder, how to make the system faster? It is the RAID Card problems or it is the SATA performance or it is Windows Server 2003 R2's DFS/DFS-R problems?

I am lose in here. and new on this type of management.

Just hope someone professional can tell me what is the problems make this bottle neck of the performance, so I can find a way to fix it in the future while my company have the budget.

Thank you of your time to read this message and wish you have a nice day.

Best Regards,
Valued Contributor

Re: E200i High Command Latency?

Hi Jimmy,

i think that if command latency is too big you should upgrade cache modul, but in your case you have maximum cache size for E200 ctrl.
So, maybe you should upgrade raid card.
Or, send us specification of server, maybe something else is bottleneck.


Re: E200i High Command Latency?


Server are bought from this year Feb.

It is ML 350 G5 Series

Xeon 2.0GHz Dual Core CPU, 5320
3GB of RAM
5 x 250GB 7200rpms Hot-Plugable HDD
E200i with 128MB Cache plus BBC
Windows Server 2003 R2 64bit with SP2
Windows DFS/DFS-R with all patched
Build-in 1000Mbit/s NIC Card
3Com 48 Ports 1000Mbit/s Switch

All Client are using Windows XP Pro with SP2 and all patched.

Hope above inform can help for find what is wrong.