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E200i how to enable phys.drvive cache on SATA ?


E200i how to enable phys.drvive cache on SATA ?

I have ML350G5 running WS2003R2SP2 with integrated E200i onboard, 128Mb BBWC. All disks connected to E200i. Disk config: 2 SAS 15rpm in RAID1 and 2 individual 250Gb SATA drives (RAID0 each).
The performance of SATA disk system realy bad. 5-8 Mb/s max on SATA drives. I now, that enabling phys. drive cache on my ML150G3 saved the situation. But on ML350G5 it seems, that SATA drives ignores setting of ACU. Smart array accelerator enabled on all drives with ratio 50/50.

What I have to do to enable physical drive cache on SATA drives ??????

I understand, that data integrity very important thing, buh this server is totally useless with such disk performance. This situation occurs both with ML150G3 and ML350G5, but with ML150G3 can be solved by me.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: E200i how to enable phys.drvive cache on SATA ?


Have a look through this thread. It might be of use:



Re: E200i how to enable phys.drvive cache on SATA ?

Thank you for reply.
I read that post and made a sad conclusion, that on my E200i it is impossible to enable cache through marketing dirt !?
But in another post I read, that on models E400-E800 with 4.06 firmware problem have been solved with SATA drives. But on E200i not. This is really bad. Hey, HP, I'm waiting for some solution. This is my first time buy for HP servers (3 pieces) and I'm experience too many problems with this BRAND and so expensive technics. Do it something !