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E200i not recognizing Hard Drives

Cesar Ruvalcaba
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E200i not recognizing Hard Drives

A server trying to be built is giving me a number of problems; It boots into smartstart however does not recognize the drives. The standard onboard E200i is installed. When the server boots up no lights come on and when the server is on smart start the lights turn red. What setup is needed to configure the array as the smartstart will not work. Could this me a hardware issue? what menu/setup should i look for?
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Re: E200i not recognizing Hard Drives

Hi Cesar,

This seems to be a hardware issue.
When u power one the server at POST select F8 and check if the hdd's are detected in ORCA if not then try reseating the backplane and the cables..

Keeps us updated about the issue.
All d best..
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Re: E200i not recognizing Hard Drives


what is the server model?
what is the smartstart version?

besides "Resolution Gauranteed" steps.

have you try installing windows manually to check if the HDD are detected?

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Re: E200i not recognizing Hard Drives


I have just had a similar issue which is now resolved.

If your issue has elevated to not being able to view more than a single harddrive and your bios detects more than a single hard drive then simply insert your Windows 2003 CD into the CD tray and initiate a boot from cd operation. When you get to the "install operating system" option, Press enter. This will then show you Drive (C:) on an NTFS partition. Look below this and you will see 1 or more drives that are unpartitioned.

Simply press (C) and press "Enter" on the following screen.

Quit out then by pressing (F3) and confirm with another (F3) you will then boot into windows and be able to view all drives installed that you have partitioned.

Final step is to format the extra drive(s), Simply rightclick the drive(s) and press "Format" on a "Quick Format" option.

Then your all done.

Hope this helps you. Appologise if this solution is not directly associated with your issue.

Thank You.