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E54XX chips on the DL140 G3

m quinn_1
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E54XX chips on the DL140 G3

Apparently the E54XX Xeons are not supported on the DL140 G3, even though they are LGA771 and the support chipset 5000X (on the system board), is supposed to support them according to the intel site.
Is this just because HP want us to buy the DL140 G4 ??, or is it just a BIOS issue and HP dont want to release a BIOS for the DL140 G3 that can support the E54XX chips ?

just an academic question really
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Re: E54XX chips on the DL140 G3

We tried Intel Xeon 5420, booted, ram count ok and message "Unsupported processor, please retstart..."


I guess marketing strategy, cause 5000x shipset supports that. Even HP claims support in its website, link below.


They should release a bios upgrade that should make 54000 chips available!

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Re: E54XX chips on the DL140 G3



Please note its HP Branded server with HP's own design and architecture, though based on Intel 5000x chipset but obviously support features limited to HP FF. The document you refres to does not reflect that this server supports 5400 Series processor.


And off course if they let you upgrade your server to anything, need for next Genration models will die.


I don't think they would release any BIOS upgrade to support features which are to be on next generation :(



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