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EFI bios for DL365 G1

Justin Seber
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EFI bios for DL365 G1

We are trying to update the raid controller bios so that it will work with ESX. The directions say for us to launch the efi shell,, but we dont see it anywhere.

Does the G1 support EFI, and does anybody know where i can find the bios? I couldnt find it on hp

Phil uk
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Re: EFI bios for DL365 G1

Hi Justin,

EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) is for Integrity machines, not Proliants.

What type of Raid card are you trying to update?

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Re: EFI bios for DL365 G1

There was only a single proliant with an Itanium I many years ago ...

I guess you have used the wrong source of software and documentation for your server.

Some controllers (e.g. the smartarray P400) have different FW update procedures for either proliants or integrities.

Hope this helps!

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Re: EFI bios for DL365 G1


you just need to download Firmware CD 8.2 and boot from that CD to update all HW components

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