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ERROR 0002 . . ML570 GS and RILOE II ..

TR Graham
Occasional Visitor

ERROR 0002 . . ML570 GS and RILOE II ..

From e-mail between HP and me attempting to ID and correct this issue:

Your review and feedback is greatly appreciated! TRG

FYI . . HP/Compaq Support has been very good . . just wondering if anyone else out there has run into a similar issue . . and solved in a different fashion.

Subject: RE: NA030402025288 RILOE II in ML570 G2

Hey there Jim,

You may recall from our conversation yesterday:

ML570 G2 w/ Windows 200 Adv Server
RILOE II In slot 7 using the 30 Pin cable
per RILOE Matrix at

Latest RILOE and Server Rompaqs/Firmware installed

System and RILOE work Normally . . Multiple boots, over 30 complete cycles.. All the way through POST and through OS load / Login.

UNTIL . . . . I plugged in an Active Ehternet Cable into the RILOE RJ45 port:

After Network attached to RILOE, I would run through POST, and the System would Halt at the RILOE initialization and a POPUP reading "ERROR 0002: RILOE Is Not Responding To Command"

I would "enter" through this error, but the RILOE would never become funtional again, even after unplugging the Network cable and cold booting the System.

I was able to repeat this failure with 3 different, brand new RILOE II cards, and 2 separate "Known Good" network drops that were working properly in other RILOE II cards.

You recommended yesterday that I Erase the NVRAM . ..I performed the NVRAM erase, and rebooted the server, but the "Error 0002: ". . Persisted.

As you know, there is a 30 pin and a 16 pin RILOE connector on the ML570 G2 Mainboard, as well as one each of these connectors on the RILOE II card, itself.
So, the fix for me was to use the 16 pin RILOE to Mainboard Ribbon Cable . .. The Error no longer appears, the RILOE is accessible and operating normally, including the Virtual Power Button.

Can you or someone from your team provide feedback on why this error was occurring, and also advise me on whether or not using the 16 pin Ribbon cable will cause any detrimental effects . . Or if I will lose any RILOE Functionality by using the 16 pin Cable??

Don't hesitate to Call or Write requesting further details.

Thanks for your quick response, Jim, I look forward to hearing from you and your team in clearing up this issue.

Thanks much,
Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: ERROR 0002 . . ML570 GS and RILOE II ..

Which cables are attached to the RILOE II externally? Just the monitor and network? Which firmware is installed on this board?

I've usually seen this caused by having the external keyboard/mouse adapter cable is installed as well as the internal cabling. Only one or the other is used with this board.
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..
TR Graham
Occasional Visitor

Re: ERROR 0002 . . ML570 GS and RILOE II ..

Thanks Terry,

Using internal KM+power Ribbon cable only.
External connection is VGA and 100mb Ethernet.

RILEO II Firmware 1.03 12-19-02

Compaq's Advisory ES030219_CW02 discusses the problem that you're referring to, but sadly, the setup does not match mine . .

As a refresh .. The RILOE only failed when a "Live" network cable was plugged into the RJ45 port on the Riloe, and remained in a state of "Error 0002: unable to Communicate", even after the Network cable was removed . .

Unplugging the 30 pin ribbon cable (used several new cables and 3 different RILOE II Cards)allowed the problem to clear. Using the 16 pin ribbon cable allows normal RILOE functionality and NO error even when Network connection is established on the RILOE.

Craig Conway
Occasional Visitor

Re: ERROR 0002 . . ML570 GS and RILOE II ..

We're having the same problems with a DL380G2 and RILOEII Card, using the internal connector.
Patricia L. Medina
Occasional Advisor

Re: ERROR 0002 . . ML570 GS and RILOE II ..


Try a 10mb connection for your RILOE card. This resolved the problem for us.