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Re: ESX 4 and DL380 G6 just spontaneously reboot.

Eamonn Deering
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ESX 4 and DL380 G6 just spontaneously reboot.

After the reboot the host is showing as disconnected in vCenter. If I reconnect it; it works for about 2 min. I rebuild vcenter twice and at each crash I cant get the host to stay connected to vCenter.

The Bios FW is SP45950.exe 209.10.01A P62
The controller is P410I FW 2.5
All other FW is updated to 8.60 CD.
vShpere Patch 1 and 3 Installed.
Insight Agents installed to 8.2.5.
Ilo lags says
Power off
Power on.
I have exported logs from the ESX host and vSphere.
If I get time I’ll log a call with HP.
I’ll be fitting a BBWC soon.
I removed the 2 x 2GB ram modules today that came with the server as they had a different PC rating then the 4 x 8GB modules.
Power is set to dynamic mode.
Reboots are random time and about three days apart.
My Question is how to stop the Host from rebooting?
Any help would be appreciate.
See Link
Google "ESXi free DL380 G6 just spontaneously reboot."

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Ole Thomsen
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Re: ESX 4 and DL380 G6 just spontaneously reboot.

Try rolling iLO firmware back to v1.78

Ole Thomsen