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ESX upgrade errors

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ESX upgrade errors

Have 3 DL580 G4 that I have upgraded from ESXi 4.1u1 to 5.0u1.  After doing so, 2 of the server had errors in the hardware tab and in the IML pertaining to the battery of the P400 not being charge.  I upgraded the firmware to 7.24 but this did not clear the error.  I have noticed that the last DL580 has a firmware 4.12 on the P400 and everything seems to be functioning properly.  Does anyone know if HP is addressing this firmware issue and releasing a new version?

Jan Soska
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Re: ESX upgrade errors


as an small notice - your server is not supported with ESX4.1 and later, please check


But you your problem, firmware 7.24 is only one recomended for P400. It is possiblem that firmware after upgrade started to consider battery as bad / can not charge, but is it for sure hw issue and you should contact HP if servers are in support. If not or you do not care about performmance (and sometimes security a well) of local storage atached to P400, you can live with that message without having nightmares...