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ESXi 3.5 and Hardware monitoring

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ESXi 3.5 and Hardware monitoring

Hello all,

I'v just downloaded and installed the free version of ESXi 3.5 on my DL360G5 Server.
Great product but unfortunatly it doesn't give me any infromation about the status of the harddisks and scsi contollers. This is stange because there is info about the cpu, power, memory status. Is it possible to install a piece of software that will complete the hardware status and perhaps also add hpsim support? Or do I need to purchase the integrated version of this software?

Jens Ey
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Re: ESXi 3.5 and Hardware monitoring

I have the same problem. I can watch the temperature sensors etc. but not the RAID status.
Even if I remove 2 disks of the RAID 6 array I get no message about it. Neither from the server itself nor from the ILO2.
This might be fatal some day and keeps me from putting the ESXi into production.