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ESXi 5.1 Firmware/Driver combination for NC550SFP and DL580G7

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ESXi 5.1 Firmware/Driver combination for NC550SFP and DL580G7



I've update a DL580G7 server with the latest updates from HP Software Delivery Repository vibsdepot (aka HP Online Depot) and also updated the drivers/firmwares with HP SUM and SPP 2015.10.00.


Now I am wondering if I've done something wrong because I ended with the following driver/firmware combination for the NC550SFP 10Ge NICs with be2net driver.


~ # ethtool -i vmnic4

driver: be2net


firmware-version: 4.9.416.7

bus-info: 0000:0e:00.0


There is the following note at about the NC550SFP NCI: "The device is not supported with the June 15, 2015 HP custom images. Customers will need to use the March 2015 Recipe and deliverables on to create their own custom image. To create a custom image please see the Getting Started section on". The valid driver/fw combination there is 10.2.477.20/4.9.416.2.


I already checked the HCL at VMware Compatibility Guide: I/O Device Search for the NC550SFP and could not find my firmware/driver combination. I did find some threads that people had problems with some driver/firmware combinations.


Right now everything seems to be working fine with the above combination, thus I'm not sure if I should change anything. Any ideas? What is the right combination? There are different ESXi 5.1 drivers and firmware from Emulex, HP and VMware.