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ESXi 5, HP Device Monitor not working?

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ESXi 5, HP Device Monitor not working?



So i'm trying to monitor some ESXi 5 U1 hosts in SCOM using the HP ProLiant VMware Management Pack and HP Device Monitor. The hosts (DL580 G7) have been built with the HP ESXi 5 U1 image.


As suggested in the HP guides i have installed the HP Device Monitor Console/Service on a seperate Windows 2008 R2 server which also has a SCOM agent installed. I've configured the server hosting the HP Device Console/Service as the SNMP target and the read only community string on the ESXi hosts.


What i'm having issues with is actually adding the hosts to the Hp device monitor console and thus discovering them using SCOM. In the DMC I enter the IP address of a host and the community string and all i get is and error stating "Unable to configure device with HP Monitor Service". The applications event log gives me:


The HP Device Monitor Service was unable to discover the device.  Please check the connection and configuration for the device and try to discover the device again. Could not discover or identify xx.xx.xx.14.  Ensure the device is up and connected to the network.  Ensure the credentials are correct by verifying the community string for SNMP managed devices.  Ensure the Insight Management Agents are currently running on in-band server devices.  Ensure the Agentless Management is configured properly in the iLO Management Engine for out-of-band server devices.

I've run a packet capture when trying to add the host to the console and can see the SNMP get and response to and from the two devices with the correct community string, the agents are obviously installed as i'm using the HP ESXi image and i'm not using agentless management or the iLO for connecting to the host. I have also used snmpwalk and sucessfully enumerated all the MIBS.


Has anyone else managed to get their ESXi 5 hosts into the Device Monitor Console or got any ideas as to what the problem may be?


Thanks in advance

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Re: ESXi 5, HP Device Monitor not working?

did you ever figure this out? i can't find any documentation on this. do we really need to send traps to a destination, or does the hp device monitor do SNMP GETs against the esx host?


we are using this link for guidance on setting up snmp on esx hosts.

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Re: ESXi 5, HP Device Monitor not working?

i can now use snmpwalk from the server running HP Device Monitor Console to my ESX host. it spits back a long list of OIDs. but the Device Monitor Console discovery of the same esx host fails.