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EVA Zoning Windows2k and HP-UX 11i

Amy Bach_1

EVA Zoning Windows2k and HP-UX 11i

Hi All,

I have been put in charge of configuring a SAN using two HP 2/32 FC switches, an EVA 5000 and one MSL6060 Ultrium Library. I have never zoned before and even though I am reading my documentation I am still a bit confused as to how best to do this. I am looking for advice and/or suggestions on how best to accomplish the following SAN implementation.

(4) rp7410 HP-UX 11i, with Secure Path (2 FC HBAs per server)
(1) rp8400 HP-UX 11i, Secure Path (8 FC HBAS)
(3) Windows 2000 Servers with Secure Path (2 FC HBAs per server)

I have read the documentationt that says that in a heterogenous environment a the Management appliance and the HSV controllers should be in one zone. I am confused as to how to create this zone. Do I have to create a zone which includes the WWN for the (2) FC ports on the SMA as well as the WWN for the 2 FC ports on each of the HSV controllers?

This is how I pictured the zone:

Does that look correct or am I totally off? What would a the other zones look like for the Unix and Windows?

I apologize if I appear totally ignorant. I am new to the Fibre world.

Thanks for your help!