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Embedded HP smart array E200i

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Embedded HP smart array E200i

I have a ml350 g5 server that is not booting. i get the following error on during post error 1794 and error 1729. Althouogh i can see the e200i controller in rbsu boot controller order, its not in the std boot order (IPL) list.
Would a bios upadte solve my problem. I am using RAID 5 with a BBWc 128 m card. Where do i get the link to the BIOS downloads?
Any help will appreciated.
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Re: Embedded HP smart array E200i

Drivers and firmwares for the controller

Whats the exact post error your getting?
Should be something like
1794- Slot 1 Driver Array - Array Accelerator Battery charge Low
Array Accelerator Post-Write Cache is temporarily disabled.

Also when you say its not booting is there a operating system installed already or is this a clean install?

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Re: Embedded HP smart array E200i

One more question the

Servers Bios what version are you using?

As there was a problem with previous version having a similiar issue as your one.

Resolved an issue where the ROM Based Setup Utility (RBSU) would fail to set the Boot Controller Order properly when multiple SmartArray controllers were installed. This failure would manifest itself by the System ROM booting from the wrong storage controller