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Embedded NC375i firmware problems.


Embedded NC375i firmware problems.

We have some ESXi 5.0 servers running on DL 580 G7 models with embedded quad port NC375i NICs and according to this HP advisory , the firmware and drivers should be updated.

This guide states VMWare has a download to update the firmware and the drivers in one package.  I upgraded the ESXi servers with the suggested package from Vmware but the firmware level is at the same level 4.0.544 and not at level 4.0.556 that the advisory claims this package will take it to.  The ESX driver was updated though to 5.0.601.  There were no errors in the upgrade process and it completed with a successful and a request to reboot.   I poked around the VMWare download and I don't see firmware in that package.  Am I missing something or is there some bad information in the advisory?  How do i get my NC375i firmware up to a level that is acceptable to avoid the issues in the advisory? We have had some network issues with these specific ESXi servers and also with our Windows servers running with the same NIC but they have been updated and FWIW, they still have the same disconnect issues.


EDIT:  I see a similar question was recently asked. 





Re: Embedded NC375i firmware problems.

>I see a similar question a few below mine.


It would be helpful if provided a URL for that post.  Otherwise "below" is in the eye of the beholder and can change.

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Re: Embedded NC375i firmware problems.

I guess he talks about my post.



Each of our DL580G7 has 12 Qlogic NICs. We are now replacing any single one of them...

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Re: Embedded NC375i firmware problems.


I've had similar issues, and i've managed to get a fix of sorts.

You need to have the firmware version at or above 4.0556. Preferably 4.0.579.

Get hold of CP015900.scexe, which is the firmware update to take you to 4.0.579. I've experienced multiple firmware hangs on all our DL580G7's that have the NC375i and quad port NC375T. You need to use either the HP firmware updater DVD or USB  as the firmware flash is an offline upgrade. You need to slipstream the .scexe file into the DVD or USB key. Locate the swpackages folder and drop the .scexe file in there. Alternatively, drop the file into the root of the DVD or USB key and break out of the firmware update shell once you boot to it. You can break ot of the shell and get to an Xterm shell by holding down ctrl & alt keys then press D B X sequentially. that takes you to a shell prompt. Change to /mnt/bootdevice and you will find the .scexe file there. just execute it (you need ./) and follow the prompts. If this does not solve your issue, you may need to get the SPI board changed to a 'REVB' board.

Hope this helps.