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Embedded SATA Raid + DL320 G5 = Keep booting to Post


Embedded SATA Raid + DL320 G5 = Keep booting to Post

**HP DL 320 G5, 2003 server std, 2 X 160GB SATA drives

Server keeps booting to post basically and never reaching OS boot repeatedly after I enable Embedded Sata RAID on system.


Basically, I'm recovering to new hardware from older HP server using symantec server recovery (actually does a fabulous job)....anyway..the server boots fine with clone image and is ready for LAN and all basically.

I followed instructions for the installation of the RAID Embedded SATA Controller for a system already running 2003.

I received message the software will not be installed ....required hardware is not present.

SO, I enabled the embedded sata raid in bios and rebooted to see if I could install driver....this is where loop at post starts...If I disable embedded sata raid...system boots up fine.

I'm thinking about just re running the image again over the server and include the driver during the recovery to see if that works.

other than that...any suggestions or maybe something i'm overlooking in the bios before I wipe this puppy and start over???

Thanks ahead of time.