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Embedded SCSI and NetFlex both on IRQ11

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Embedded SCSI and NetFlex both on IRQ11

Note the Serial# in the header is my system ID.

Can anyone please tell me the following.

1) How do I Enable my embedded SCSI Controller, Since I could not get Linux to see this controller I dissabled it and put and old future domain card in a slot and got it configured. But I'm pretty sure I can get Linux to see the embedded controller now. SInce this would let me boot from the CDROM I'd prefer it.

2) I Also could not get Linux to see the NetFlex NIC card and while looking at the diagnostics and configuration I noticed that the card is on IRQ11. Even though the Intergrated SCSI controller is disabled, it is being repported on IRQ11 as well!! (Can that be right?)

3) I think there is a conflict on IRQ11. What IRQ should the NetFlex card (in Ethernet mode) be on? How do I get it there. View and edit resources will not let me change it. What IRQ does the integrated SCSI controller belong on?

Thank you in advace for any help