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Embedded SCSI on DL380 G4

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Embedded SCSI on DL380 G4


I have a DL380 G4 (Windows 2003) and I've connected an external tape device (LTO 960)to the embedded SCSI port on the back. Problem is, the SCSI port isn't showing up in Device Manger even after the driver is installed. There is no trace of it anywhere. Am I missing something?
Steven Clementi
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Re: Embedded SCSI on DL380 G4

The port in the back of a DL380G4 is tied to the 2nd channel of the internal Smart Array Controller.

How are your drives configured? and how many drives do you have?

If the front Drive trays are configure for duplex, the port in the back is disabled.

If the tray is configured for Simplex... the Smart Array still is not officially supported to be utilized wit ha Tape Drive. You performance will NOT be anything like you'd expect.

My suggestions, get a supported SCSI HBA for the drive.

Steven Clementi
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Re: Embedded SCSI on DL380 G4

Ah. That makes sense. We have a RAID 5 in duplex mode (if I'm making out the diagram correctly). I will take your suggestion and just buy a card. Thanks!