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Embedded Ultra3 SCSI

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Embedded Ultra3 SCSI

In a new ML370 G2 I have the following problems with the embedded Ultra3 SCSI controller:

(1) during server start, after the SCSI controller detects and lists the attached drives, the following error appears:

SCSI BIOS not installed!

(2) because of this (I guess), I cannot see those drives under DOS 6.x/7.x.

All this works with the older model of ML370

Tried with the Adaptec's driver aspi8u2.sys, which identified the attached drives and then loaded OK, but DOS (FDISK) doesn't see them.

(However, DOS *does* see a RAID array, on SmartArray 5i).

- what does prevent SCSI BIOS to install at boot ?
- did anyone succeed in seeing under DOS the drives on the embedded Ultra3 SCSI controller?

Any (constructive :-) answers very much appreciated !

Swiss Red Cross
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Embedded Ultra3 SCSI

We have not encountered this error message before. The only suggestion would be to update your system BIOS and apply the latest support paq. In case you need further assistance please contact your local Support Team.