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Emulex 10Gb NIC Partioning

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Emulex 10Gb NIC Partioning

I've now been two different rounds regarding this solution spanned over a 2 year period. Both HP and Ingram Micro pre-sales. Both have given me bad information and a non working solution, so I'm turning to forums to try and get the answer I need. 


Goal: To have a 2 Port 10GbE card present 4 NICs to the Host OS. Not 2 NIC + 2 ISCSI or 2 NIC + 2 FcoE. Just 4 straight NICs. Reason being is to utilize 2 in a team for converged fabric, while keeping 2 separated for StoreVirtual iSCSI initators as best practise is to not use HBAs but rather NICs + MPIO Driver.


Everytime I ask HP/Pre-Sales if this is possible or works, they tell me yes. Everytime I purchase the cards, it does not work and no one can get it to.


Emulex FlexFabric based cards (556FLR-SFP+). Using OCManager you have no option to parition the NIC. In NIC only mode you get 1 NIC per physical port. 


HP 530 series cards (Broadcom) appear to allow NPAR (Switch independant network partitioning). All the literature for the Eulex cards implies you have do this. So how? 


Any information from someone who has been able to do this would be much appreciated. I'm getting quite fed up with being told they can do it, while not a single person can actually make it work. We've had hardware purchases compensated twice now because of this as solutions were based around them saying it works. 



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Re: Emulex 10Gb NIC Partioning



I think page 61 in this document shows the configuration you like to have.