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Enable both network interfaces on an HP Prolian ML150G6 server

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Enable both network interfaces on an HP Prolian ML150G6 server

Is there a way to activate this other network interface (circled in red) on the HP Prolian ML150G6 server?




Re: Enable both network interfaces on an HP Prolian ML150G6 server

Using TCP/IP over Ethernet management port
You can configure LO100 LAN port access using two different Ethernet ports: the dedicated 10/100
LO100 management port or through a side-band connection using the server embedded NIC. The
side-band, shared, or UMP options utilize one server Ethernet port for both server network traffic
and LO100 network traffic reducing the number of network cables that you must attach to the

NOTE: Note, when a dedicated setting is selected in the IPMI LAN configuration of the RBSU, a
dedicated Optional LO100i 10/100 Mbps LAN port for dedicated IPMI management (RJ-45) is
required to be installed in the server in order for the Lights-Out management to work.

Selecting a shared Ethernet management port
1. Power on the server by pressing the Power On/Off button on the front panel.
2. When POST displays the message, ROM-Based Setup, press the F10 key. If the server has
an administrator password configured, the system prompts you to enter the password. If the
server does not have a password configured, the main screen of the BIOS Setup Utility appears.
3. Press the right arrow (P) key to navigate to the Advanced menu.
NOTE: On the ML150 G6, ML110 G6, and DL120 G6 systems, the Virtual KVM and Virtual
Media functions are not available when used with the Shared NIC function. If you want LO100
Advanced Pack features on the ML150 G6, use the dedicated NIC mode.
4. Press the down arrow (n) key to scroll to IPMI Configuration. Press the Enter key.
5. Scroll to the LAN Configuration menu by pressing the down arrow (S) key. Press the Enter
6. Choose one of these options:
CCOn ML150 G6, set BMC NIC Mode to Shared.
7. To return to the previous screen, press the Esc key, or to save the changes and exit Setup,
press the F10 key.

The TCP/IP over Ethernet management port, whether dedicated or shared, is a standard Ethernet
10/100Mb interface that connects to the network using a standard Ethernet cable. Before using
the dedicated management port, you must determine the DHCP IP address or set a static IP address.

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