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Enabling Intel VT on ML350 G5

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Enabling Intel-VT on ML
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Enabling Intel VT on ML350 G5

How do you enable Intel-VT on the BIOS of a Proliant ML350 G5 with an Intel Quadcore 5410 processor?
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Re: Enabling Intel VT on ML350 G5


follow the steps in the PDF below page 15
Enable support for hardware-assisted virtualization in the RBSU


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Re: Enabling Intel VT on ML350 G5

the link in the above anser is no longer valid.


for Poliant M350 servers:

  1. rebbot the server
  2. get into the bios by pressing F10 after you see diks, and bmc select
  3. select in the bios ADVANCE tab
  4. turn on virutalization tech and vtd
  5. save and exit (F10)
  6. after the server saved teh BIOS setting, and fully rebooted,, do a hard reset:
  7. shutdown, disocnnect power, wait for a little while. reconnect power and start up