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Enabling P440ar cache on HP DL380 G9 problem!

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Enabling P440ar cache on HP DL380 G9 problem!

I have a HP DL380 G9 server with a P440ar Raid Controller.
Im using five Samsung Pro 850 as RAID 5.
The benchmark of the disks by Crystal Disk or other benchmark softwares, show that speed of read/write on the raid volume is very very low(400/300/1/10 MB) ! but when i use RAID on standard HB SAS Disk  the speed is normal (1800/1600/21/200)
Seems that Samsung Pro 850 have raid problem on HP P440ar. or maybe HP P440ar have problem with  Samsung Pro 850!
I have 2 questions:
1.What is the best config for setuping five Samsung Pro 850 as a RAID volume on HP Server!? by which raid controller?
2.Why HP P440ar array utility configuration can't enable write caching when i use Samsung Pro 850, but can enable it with standard HP hard disks!?


The ACU message is "not present or not completely charged " , but my raid controller and battery of it already exists and already charged. The message never appear when i replace the Samsung SSD 850 Pro disks with HP SAS Disks.

Thank you for any help.

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Re: Enabling P440ar cache on HP DL380 G9 problem!

Same issue but with HP SSD's 

I found that I had to disable the SSD Smart path to use the cach of the controller.

What is faster the cache on the controller or the Cache management on the SDD (Smart path)??

Currently testing on a single volume to see what happens in the production environment???

It would also flood the Event logs


Hp...  what you think 

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Re: Enabling P440ar cache on HP DL380 G9 problem!

Hi Kevi

I have the same issue. i have 4 SSD's in RAID 5. the read performance is fine but the write is absolute pants to say the least. i get a about 10MB/s on crystal mark.

Any ideas on how to resolve?