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End of Sale or Life?

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End of Sale or Life?

Hi! I was wondering if the "Retired on Monday - May 21st, 2007" information in Retired Products section of HP Product Bulletin is end of sale date or end of life or is it actually end of support?


Also I'd like to know if there is a document similar to but regarding ProLiant DL servers (

Off CPL and End of Support dates is the info I need)?


Thanks in advance,


Jan Soska
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Re: End of Sale or Life?

Hello John,

retiring information means End of Sale. You can be sure it is not end of support.


About end of support - I am not sure if HP has strict rules about end of support. For sure it is at least 4-5 years after end-of-sale, in my opinion HP will support your server as long as you want :) to put money into it. And ones there is day you count your support fees and realize new server is cheaper and 20 times more powerfull.


we use 6 years old servers and we do not see any signs from HP side about stopping service...



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Re: End of Sale or Life?



Is there a Link to the end-of-sale Price Increase policy for HW and application SW? 


Thank you.

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Re: End of Sale or Life?

I know of no link between increases and ESOL. I was in HP Services for 30 years.


Past experience has shown me that a service contract generally goes up between 8 to 10 % a year.