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Erreur CQSDNT4

Abouda Mohamed Slim
Occasional Visitor

Erreur CQSDNT4

Un proliant PL3000 sous NT4 SP5 lie avec un DAT72 interne (Q1525A)
Le serveur genere un message derreur CQSDNT4

Comment remedier a cette erreur tout en conservant la configuration initiale
Honored Contributor

Re: Erreur CQSDNT4


The CQSDNT4.SYS driver is used for DLT/SDLT drives and not for DAT drives. If you only have a DAT drive installed then you may have the DLT driver loaded at boot time from a previous configuration, so perhaps all you need to do is prevent it from loading using the CONTROL PANEL - DEVICES section as follows: -

Double-click on the "Devices" icon
Select the DLT/SDLT driver CQSDNT4 if it is not required and click the STARTUP button on the right. Select Disabled and click OK.
It may be set for BOOT, SYSTEM or AUTOMATIC and will try to load when the system initialises so you need to prevent this.

Now you should not get any error messages if the system reboots as this driver won't be loaded. If you do have a DLT/SDLT drive on the system in addition to the DAT 72 then you may need this driver so double check before disabling it.

I hope this helps.