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Error 02FB pre-boot - memory configuration

Patrice Bonhomme
Occasional Visitor

Error 02FB pre-boot - memory configuration

HP Proliant ML150 G2
BIOS 1.20 (03/10/2005)


We have an error message at the boot moment :

02FB: Warning! The plugin memory configuration get reduced memory size

Pres to resume, to Setup

What does it mean ? Is it possible to bypass this warning for the boot to keep going on ?

Honored Contributor

Re: Error 02FB pre-boot - memory configuration


Do you have 3 dimm modules installed?
This may be your problem.

The system support 1, 2 or 4 dimms but not 3. This is for interleaving purposes.

Please see the rules below.

I hope this helps


DIMMs must be industry-standard 184-pin PC2700 333-MHz DDR registered ECC
memory DIMMs.
The DDR memory DIMMs must support CAS Latency 2, CL=2 or greater.
They must also contain the mandatory Joint Electronic Device Engineering
Council (JEDEC) Serial Presence Detect (SPD) information.
DIMM sizes supported are 512 MB, 1 GB, and 2 GB, allowing a total of 8 GB maximum
system memory (2 GB in each of the 4 DIMM slots).
DIMM sizes may be mixed on the system board. HP recommends starting at slot 1 and
filling the slots in order with the largest size first.
If two-way memory interleaving is desired, identical DIMMs must be installed in socket
pairs. DIMMs installed in Pair A (sockets 1 and 2), however, do not need to be identical
to the DIMMs in pair B (sockets 3 and 4).
Supported DIMM configurations are one single DIMM, one pair (two DIMMs), or two
pairs (4 DIMMs).

The configuration of 3 DIMMs is not supported in this server.
Do not mix ECC and non-ECC DIMMs. Use only ECC DIMMs in the server. If different
types of DIMMs are mixed, the server will not properly function.