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Error 178 Processor Config invalid

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Error 178 Processor Config invalid

We needed to upgrade the processing power of our Prolient server. After getting in touch with our local Compaq supplier (SCC), we were told that they were unable to source any upgraded processors for the machine, so instead we chose to use upgrade chips from Total Memory. We opted for two SMP compliant 533Mhz Intel Celerons, but now we get an error (178-Processor Configuration Invalid) message upon boot. This message appears with either just one or both processors installed.

Also the motherboard isn?t initialising the second chip. In NT the system detects a single Celeron Processor running at 533Mhz. The server is working fine with just the single chip and is much faster than before, however we need to have the second chip working, and also would like to clear the error message upon boot.

The server was recently rebuilt when we upgraded the hard discs using the latest Compaq Smart Start software (version 4.11). I tried to upgrade the BIOS on the server but it is already the latest version. Also I have run the system configuration utilities, but cannot find anywhere to change the processor type or speed.

If it helps the server spec is.

Prolient 2500
606Mb RAM
65Gb Hard Disc space
Dual 533Mhz Intel Celeron Processor upgrade (Power leap product)
Windows NT4


Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Error 178 Processor Config invalid

I found an interesting note from their webpage
"Provides dual-CPU support (requires an SMP-compliant version of the Celeron) "

I didntknow there was such a critter!

so I guess the question is:
"Are your Celerons SMP-compliant ?"