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Error 180 after remote ROM flash

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Error 180 after remote ROM flash

I've got a 1600 with these specs (SysROM: E34-6/28/1999, Smart2SL-ROM: 4.32)

I used the RDU Console to push the latest 1600 System ROM (E34\CP000565.exe\4/19/2000) with a reboot switch and it did the following (I watched the console):
a) rebooted
b) flashed the rom
c) screen went dark and just sat there
d) after waiting 20 min I power cycled it manually
e) it came up with an error after the mem check "180-Log Reinitialized because length check out of bounds" and
f) sat there with an F1/F10 prompt.

After I hit F1 to continue it booted normally. I then pushed an Array Controller ROM (Smart2: v4.48\CP000250.exe) with a reboot switch and this time it came up fine.

So, there are two questions:

1) what does that first "180-Log Reinitialized" error mean
2) is there something I should be doing differently to avoid having to manually reset the box?

Your help is appreciated. - Stefan
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Error 180 after remote ROM flash

1) The error 180-Log Reinitialized means the Intergrated Management Log has been reinitialized, probably due to corruption of the log. This Event message requires no action on your part.

2) There should be a manual shutdown(cold boot) not a (warm boot) on the box when flashing any ROM's on a Compaq Server. A warm boot can cause adverse effects to your device(s) and server.
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Error 180 after remote ROM flash

Ah, thanks for the 180-error definition.

As for cold boot vs. warm boot, when I flashed the ROM on this server I was there to see it shutdown. It didn't do a warm boot. It appeared to cut its own power (all drives and lights went dead) then restart about 10 seconds later and started the ROM flash. However, it didn't repeat that sequence after the flash... it just sat there. Perhaps my question should be "Shouldn't it have repeated the cold-boot sequence I had seen a moment earlier?"