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Error 24606

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Error 24606

Customer keep getting Source: Cissesrv  Event ID:24606 after replacing a bad Harddrive for past month.


Event log has


Logical drive 1 of array controller P410i [Embedded] returned a fatal error during a read/write request from/to the volume. 

 Logical block address 705648040, block count 8 and command 32 were taken from the failed logical I/O request. 

 Array controller P410i [Embedded] is also reporting that the last physical drive to report a fatal error condition (associated with this logical request), is located  in bay 2 of box 1 connected to port


All drives show green.

Can someone look at attached Smart Diag report and see where problem is.


I looked and this is all I saw which looks like it should fix it self.


===== Start of Option ROM POST Message Log =====
1716-Slot 0 Drive Array - Unrecoverable Media Errors Detected on Drives
     during previous Rebuild or Background Surface Analysis (ARM) scan.
     Errors will be fixed automatically when the sector(s) are overwritten.
     Backup and Restore recommended.


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Re: Error 24606

Me To.

mine is happening during a P to V conversion using microsoft conversion utility. 

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Re: Error 24606

Me too. Anything?