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Error #263 y #778 en Smart Array P600 MSA60

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Error #263 y #778 en Smart Array P600 MSA60

I have, problem with my Smart Array P600 and MSA60 12TB. The SO is win2000 and 2gb memory ram in the server DL380 G4

Battery Failed and rebuilding logical drive 1
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Re: Error #263 y #778 en Smart Array P600 MSA60


I will suggest you to take complete backup first.

The ADU Report is showing all hard drives as Drive present and operational, confirm the LED status of hard drives to identify any faulty hard drives.
The firmware of the controller 1.18 is primitive,Lots of fixes have been incorporated in newer releases.

Perform following steps to confirm the health of controller and hard drives:
1. Update firmware of controller and hard drives
2. Restart the MSA and Server
3. Check the status again via ADU
4. Check status through Online insight diagnostics. Lauch System Management Homepage -> Online Insight Diagnostics -> Diagnose -> Select logical drive ->Start Diagnosis
(Online Insight Diagnosis will be available only if it is installed)
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Re: Error #263 y #778 en Smart Array P600 MSA60

Hi diagnoimagen

some of disks are running hpg1 firmware some are on hpg 6 this is not a good mixture "" update them
p600 reports
Battery failure on battery pack 1, replace it advises thats aprecise message

this can be seen in acu you can check its progress in there, rebuild time is circa 15 mins per GB if server not use, otherwise in acu you can change raid rebuld priority to high when not in production , then back when done,,

SLOT 0 PCI Smart Array 6i Controller
SLOT 1 PCI Smart Array P600

for p 600 use firmware this via windows

might be a good idea to boot from this and u new firmwares for your server
Firmware Maintenance CD 8.60
10 Aug 2009

then use this smart start cd for your server again to update the drivers too so the OS can take advantage of the new firmwares installed with firmware maint cd

Enjoy :)

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