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Error 2B7 on LCD display

Steve Bailey_5
Occasional Visitor

Error 2B7 on LCD display

the error is shown at all times on the systems management display, even when the unit is powered off but still plugged in. The system will boot normally, the error has no impact on performance that I can see I'd just like the LCD to show the proper infoa again.

This started when I removed the original PII system board for the PIII board and now I've switched back and it's still there.

Anyone know what this error is or how to remove it and get the lcd to show the proper info?

Would reseting the BIOS to defaults or clearing the BIOS work?

Let me know what you think

Steve Bailey_5
Occasional Visitor

Re: Error 2B7 on LCD display

I fixed the issue, problem was the cables weren't hooked up correctly.