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Error Message

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Robert P. McCumber
Occasional Contributor

Error Message

We have started getting a message on the LCD display on our Proliant 3000 Server:
ASR Reset Detected

The server reboots on its own.

Event log has error Non Maskable Interrupt
NMI source was Uncorrectable Memory Error, Socket 7

Any ideas?
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: Error Message


Also make sure that the Firmware of the system board and drivers are up to date.
Use correct DIMM's in the server. check for iml log on server and revert back.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Honored Contributor

Re: Error Message

Hi Robert,

As Prashant suggests, have a look in the IML using -Start-Programs-Compaq System Tools-Compaq IML Viewer. Check to see if all your errors are against the same socket (Dimm Slot or socket number 7). You can also check for ASR entries in the survey report, C:\COMPAQ\SURVEY\SURVEY.TXT Enties will be shown here together with any previous hardware problems.

This file will also let you know the size of the memory dimm installed in slot 7 as a list of the populated slots will be present.

The Proliant 3000 had a few different system boards and the layout of the dimms was different on each however if you look inside the side cover (Tower Model) or top cover (Rack Model) there is a diagram which shows you the dimm locations clearly.

If the errors are always consistent with a failure in dimm slot(or socket) 7 then it needs to be replaced. Other causes of memory errors, particularly random ones may be the system fans or some kind of airflow problem.

100Mhz dimms are as follows for 400Mhz and above systems. These are Compaq Spare Part Numbers, for use on service calls.

32 MB SDRAM Memory Module 317747-001
64 MB SDRAM Memory Module 317745-001
128 MB SDRAM Memory Module 317756-001
256 MB SDRAM Memory Module 317749-001
512 MB SDRAM Memory Module 317748-001

I hope this helps,